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They can’t tell you what they’re allergic to. That’s where we come in.


Your pet’s unique intolerances and sensitivities for around 100 factors. The common household and environmental factors affecting your pet’s wellbeing. Which foods you should avoid — and which may be safe — in your pet’s diet. Food and environmental allergens to keep an eye on.


Discover the allergens that may be affecting your pet
Itchy skin, upset stomachs and other uncomfortable conditions are often the result of sensitivities to food and environmental factors your pet comes in contact with. The uncomfortable results of these sensitivities are the #2 reason people take their pets to the vet. our Allergy Test was designed as an affordable and easy-to-use pet sensitivity test to help you discover the factors that may be grossly affecting your pet’s wellness.

Allergy Test for a Happy Pet

What Are Allergies?

●Genetic predisposition to develop an immunological hypersensitivity to unidentified, common, environmental substances such as pollen, molds, food proteins, dust mites ,etc.
●The body will produce 5 different, antibodies to these environmental substances: initially generic, IgM, and then once these substances are identified specific: IgA, IgD, IgG and IgE antibodies.

Cellular Causes For Allergies

●While there are 4 different types of Allergic Reactions, classified: 1 – 4 ,majority of allergy diagnosis, however, is only concerned with:

Classification – Type 1 – acute, internal Anaphylactic reaction:
●Caused by specific-IgE antibodies.
●Degranulation of Mast Cells.
●Mediators released.
●Atopy, Dermatitis, etc,

What Is Threshold ?
How You Know When to do an Allergy Test?

Symptoms Observed :
•Hair Loss.
•Stomach / Bowel Issues, and Vomiting.
•Extreme Tiredness or No Energy (Lethargy).

Dogs should fulfill at least 3 primary and 3 secondary features
•Primary Features
● Pruritus (scratching and itching).
● Facial and/or digital involvement.
● Lichenification (hardening / crusting of sores).
● A chronic or chronically-relapsing dermatitis (skin- related issues – dry, irritated, red, etc.)
● An individual or family history of Atopy (allergy).
● A breed predisposition: Golden Retriever, West Highland White Terrier, and Bichon Frise.

Secondary features

•Onset of signs before 3 years of age.
•Generalized dry skin.
●Superficial staphylococcal (bacterial) infection.
●Cutaneous (skin’s surface) Malassezia (yeast) infection.
●Bilateral external otitis (ears).
●Facial erythema (similar to acne).

Before considering allergies as the source of the animal’s problems, we want you to do a complete dermatological work-up to ensure that:
–Bacterial Infections,
–Malassezia / Yeast Infections,
–Scabies / Parasite Infections,
–Endocrinology diseases,
are not the cause of the symptoms that are seen .

Traditional intradermal skin testing

●Subcutaneous injection of allergen.
–Dermatologist measures the reaction between the allergen and the degranulation of the Mast cells

91 – Allergen SPOT PLATINUM Test
Spectrum labs USA uses a Modified ELISA methodology for our allergy testing.

●Desire 3 – 5 ml of serum to run the test.
●Absolute minimum amount of serum, 1.5 ml.
●The samples are collected from the entire country.
●Place the vials of serum, along with the completed Order and History Forms, and ship them to Phoenix Veterinary Supplies.
●They will ship them to Spectrum every 30 Days .

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